Evaluation of Games

How do we know if a game we designed (or helped others to design) was successful?

It depends on the objective (fun, education, training), but what tools from other disciplines can we steal or develop to aid in the assessment and iteration of game designs. In this session, we’ll look at games or game systems we’ve created or participated in and brainstorm or discuss methods to evaluate them.

What results would substantiate a game’s inclusion in a curriculum? How do we improve games (balance, mechanics, etc) based on the feedback and evaluation results?

About John Murray

I'm currently a PhD Student at UCSC, where I'm researching collaborative multiplayer games. I'm very interested in asymmetric gameplay, educational games, and augmented reality. I've also started a company (Seebright) which is dedicated to creating an affordable and accessible see-through HMD to enable new types of experiences.
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