On Sunday, October 12th, we’ll have a half-day of short workshops on game design skills and tools running alongside a game jam. To propose a workshop session, please email us with a brief (200-350 word) description of your proposed topic and a short bio. If your session has prerequisite skills or required technology, please include a list of those needs in your email.

Sessions: Sunday, October 12th 

9:30am – 10:45am

Digital Tools for Game James

Anastasia Salter

Interested in participating in the game jam but unsure what tools are best for building rapid prototypes? This hands-on workshop will introduce Twine and Construct 2, two environments for building games rapidly based on either visual or text-oriented designs. Participants are encouraged to pick a challenge from the historic game jam and choose a new tool to try out rapid prototyping techniques. No programming experience is assumed, but please bring your laptop computer to start building games.

11:00am – Noon

Educational Board Games: An Opportunity to Create Spaces for Sensitive Discussion

Peter Wonica

While board games can be used as a medium to teach content, they can also be an icebreaker in starting conversations on sensitive or uncomfortable topics. Ending the Cycle, a board game about LGBT individuals in abusive relationships, was developed to stimulate conversations about real life systems of abuse and oppression. Using the game, people learn about abuse by playing a game in a personal, narrative driven system. As the game progresses, players begin to critically discuss their situation within the game and better connect it to real life systems. Attendees will play Ending the Cycle and receive a debriefing on the game’s development history. The development history will note the benefits and limitations of a dialogue-based approach to educational board games. Discussion will explore the unique social and educational benefits in using board games to address a sensitive or uncomfortable topic.